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Top forex advisors

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But now when searching and downloading necessary program, it is necessary to pay attention that advisors more often are called the programs for trading of currencies only, and robots - for trading of currencies and other assets. But there is no fundamental difference between these systems forex trading training. It supports trading on any timeframe. It has a system of protection against sudden trend reversals and other unexpected situations, knows how to change the algorithm depending on changes in trading conditions.

WallStreet Evolution 2. Wall Street bot is able to adapt to the situation in the Forex market by analyzing the charts and can update the program. It gives a yield of Works with brokers AMarkets go online , Just2Trade online , etc. KeltnerPRO Keltner PRO is a popular good trading robot for the MetaTrader 4 terminal, it trades by trend with increased volatility, limit orders, - knows how to set limits for each trade. Can conduct several transactions at once, but recommends no more than three.

Often used with brokers Forex Club go online , Alpari online , etc. Downloaded by link, which is placed on the profile traders' sites. When downloading and uploading, you need to make sure that the source of the download file is safe, because spyware is often found. When using it, carefully study the nuances of the work.

Steve Steve is a trading assistant running on MetaTrader 4 and 5 terminals. This automaton is developed by traders and mathematicians of Mtrobot. It trades by the behavior of the price on the chart. The system makes decisions independently, the amount of information analyzed by the robot depends on the amount of trader's account and the settings that have been tested in advance on real accounts. The program can trade simultaneously on three accounts, using different instruments.

The service is paid: U. The program is used to work in the trading system MetaTrader4. It opens and closes a huge number of orders and knows how to set levels of Stop-Loss and Take-Profit during the volatility increase, which is very useful for Expert Advisor working on a short-term strategy. However, the trader who decides to trade with this robot should know that even such a program loses money over and over again, which is almost inevitable with so many trades in such a short period of time.

The minimum account size for the robot from dollars. You can download it from specialized sites. Before downloading, you should double-check the safety of the resource and file, because viruses are often uploaded. Before work it is necessary to study carefully the principle and nuances of work of system. EA Gold Shark EA Gold Shark is a good indicator Expert Advisor, aimed at working in the market of moderate volatility, but is able to achieve profits even with strong price fluctuations on the chart.

This robot trades on timeframes from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, but is recommended on M15 and M It has protection against false signals. EA Gold Shark should be downloaded from a trustworthy source, check the security, read the download instructions, the nuances of the settings and features of the work.

Gepard Gepard is a multi-currency Expert Advisor used for automatic trading currency pairs and a dozen more instruments. It is considered to be a good advisor because it knows how to hedge risks within the investment portfolio, knows how to exit a trade before a loss, set stop-losses and so on.

Gepard is downloaded Fig. Gepard is multicurrency and quite complex to configure, you should carefully study all its features before real trading, for example read expert articles. At the opening of a position, the indicators must confirm it with their indicators, if at least one does not match, this position is not opened. In a suitable situation, the program opens two orders at a time - with different parameters, but both with a take profit and stop loss.

Aimed at implementing long-term plans, the Expert Advisor trades on the D1 timeframe, non-exotic pairs. It is definitely popular with Alpari and Grand Capital traders. Downloaded from a specialized and reliable resource and checked for safety. The Expert Advisor actually works on the Elder system, so it is very desirable to get acquainted with the system before you run it.

Setka Trader As the name implies, this machine works on the so-called grid strategy. The answer is obvious — years. Not everyone will reach the end and most probably will quit without getting any result. Trading robots for the Forex market today are very numerous, and not all of them can boast of the results achieved by the developers of ELM EA.

ELM EA has a complex and innovative approach to forex analysis with very high mathematical expectation. The algorithm analyses ticks and is capable of handling more than 50 ticks per second. But even with its huge database, it is still a man-made program that has flaws that the developers need to work on. Sceptics will think there is nothing new in this algorithm. And they would be wrong. Now we will tell you about this amazing trading robot. At elm-ea. Only one trade at a time.

The lot size of the next order is always the same according to the Risk settings, regardless of the result of the previous one. A trading strategy that does not require a lot of margin, thanks to which it can work successfully on trading accounts with low leverage.

Algorithm can only be tested in real time. The history test function is disabled. Real-time tests take more time but show reliable results that can be trusted, unlike tests from the strategy tester. Much attention was paid to the results of direct testing so users do not need to worry about the need to optimize the algorithm.

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