bethesda project our brothers place philadelphia park
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Bethesda project our brothers place philadelphia park crypto shill nye name

Bethesda project our brothers place philadelphia park

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He can be found every Friday preparing and serving breakfast and lunch to the gentlemen of OBP. Along with bringing the produce to all sites, John will be cooking healthy meals for the men of Bethesda Bainbridge after he gets done with his Friday deliveries. Norbert The St. Norbert community has been a long-time partner and friend to Bethesda Project, and we look forward to their continued assistance in the life-changing work we take on every day.

Norbert will be drawn on March 31st. All online raffle ticket purchases will be included in the drawing. Ticket holders need not be present to win. Tickets will also be available for purchase via cash or check payable to "Bethesda Project" at St. A big thank you to Board Member Marie Martino for taking on this fundraiser and, of course, our endless gratitude goes out to all parishoners of St.

Talent Show at OBP! The volunteer nurses from Drexel University hosted a talent show at Our Brothers' Place on the last day of their service semester. OBP guests and residents had a grand time show-casing their interests and skills.

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These sites range from emergency shelter to safe haven provisions to supportive housing to independent living spaces. Individuals experiencing homelessness receive warm meals and social services, taking the first step in accessing housing in the community.

Call Bethesda Project Philadelphia at for current volunteer work opportunities. Many of the homeless shelters and services are free of charge. Some do charge small fees. We always urge the users of our website to visit the websites of the providers listed, OR give them a phone call to find out complete details. Welcome home phillies and good luck on your upcoming games! Thank you for your continued support of Bethesda Project.

We are proud to be a Phillies Charity. Leaves are changing, a chill is in the air. Winter is approaching! Every single one of us deserves to keep warm during the winter months. Help our guests and residents prepare for the chilly nights ahead by donating a winter kit! To donate, reach out to communitylife Bethesdaproject.

We are so thankful for your support of Bethesda Project over the years - we are here cheering for YOU! What are you waiting for? Starting NOW, Bethesda Project is allowing groups of up to ten vaccinated volunteers to partake in actives directly interacting with guests and residents indoors at sites while wearing masks! We are proud to be on this list with some amazing individuals! Tickets include a complementary beer, carving tools and stencils, and a mess-free, fully gutted pumpkin.

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Some do charge small fees. We always urge the users of our website to visit the websites of the providers listed, OR give them a phone call to find out complete details. Most of the substance abuse resources we provide are low cost, Medicaid or sliding scale fee. We provide as much information as possible on the website of these locations.

Rooming and Boarding Houses do charge fees. We list them where we find them. What are you waiting for?! Happy Diwali from our Bethesda Project Family! We are so excited to share with you a sweet surprise about a Bethesda Project event in our Family Matters newsletter this week. Think you can guess what it will be using the clues from this map? Find out if you're correct and get the answer in our newsletter!

We will be announcing our sweet surprise in our Family Matters newsletter next week. Want to stay in the know? Sign up to receiving our newsletter by clicking the link in our bio Citizens Bank Park - there is nothing like it! Welcome home phillies and good luck on your upcoming games! Thank you for your continued support of Bethesda Project. We are proud to be a Phillies Charity.

Leaves are changing, a chill is in the air. Winter is approaching!

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The Mission, The People, The Future

Bethesda Project's Our Brothers' Place, near Spring Garden (Broad–Ridge Spur), Chinatown, Spring Garden (Broad Street Line), Race–Vine, 8th Street, 8th & Market, 11th Street, . CommUNITY Walking Tour & Meal happening at Bethesda Project's Our Brothers' Place, Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, United States on Sat Nov 20 at am to pm . Presented by Bethesda Project, Philabundance, Friends of the Rail Park at Bethesda Project's Our Brothers' Place, Philadelphia PA Nov 20 Experience a community walking tour .

Our bethesda park philadelphia brothers project place